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About Our Farm

The Harrold Family has farmed this land near the Town of Lamont, Alberta for more than a century, with our beginnings in 1907. We are honoured to grow nutritious food for both our family and our community to enjoy, and feel a deep connection to the natural environment in which we work. 


We invite you to share in the experience!


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Our Place in Time

Our Farm Mandala

Our Rich Heritage


We've saved more than 72,500 pounds of CO2.


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The Harrold Family recognizes that it is located within Treaty Six Territory and would like to acknowledge the contributions of Treaty Six First Nations and the Metis Nation in the region's history and growth.

Our Place in Time

What we grow:


Cattle - primarily red angus

Grain crops - barley, oats, wheat, canola and yellow peas

Size of our farm:


Crop acres: 900

Hay acres: 140

Pasture acres: 180

Natural and yard acres: 200

Total Acres: 1,420

What we value:

Quality, our heritage, the natural environment, our family and community

Our Farm Mandala

A symbol of our work and lives








Our Rich Heritage

In the spring of 1907, Benjamin Harrold purchased the southeast quarter 30-55-19-W4th from Thomas Swan, who had homesteaded it in July of 1892. In November of 1907, Benjamin returned to Ontario to marry Adabelle Brown. They returned to Lamont with a load of settlers' effects, including a team of heavy horses and harnesses, a wagon, plow and seed drill, a cow and some Wyandotte chickens. The house that was built is now part of one of the houses that is still in use, though additions and renovations have taken place over the years.

Benjamin and Adabelle Harrold

During the summer of 1909 and 1910, twenty-one more acres were brushed and broken with a walking plow, an axe and a two-horse team. In the spring of 1911, twenty acres were seeded to Marquis Wheat and thirty acres to oats and barley.

In 1919, a second quarter of land was purchased and then in 1929, it was sold to purchase two quarters. The former quarter was bought back in 1939 by Gordon Harrold, who was Benjamin's second son. Gordon, his wife Jessie, and their family were expanding and improving the farm. Gordon was later elected Delegate, Director and President of the Alberta Wheat Pool, a position he held until his death in 1977. Although most of his time was spent in the office during the later years, he would return each fall to drive the combine for the harvest.



Photos above:

  1. One of the first buildings on the farm, used as a house.

  2. The first rubber-tired tractor to be used in the region.

  3. New combine in rear left purchased in the early 1960s.

  4. The barn was built in 1950 from a set of plans. The style was known as a Beatty Barn.

  5. Kirk signing on to his first Canadian Wheat Board permit at the grain elevator with Elevator Manager. From left to right in the green jackets: Kirk, Kent and Gordon Harrold.

Gordon's eldest son, Kent, his wife Shirley, and their young family took up farming with his father and grandfather in the early 1950s. In 1957, a further two quarters of land were purchased and the last of the breaking was completed.

Kent and Shirley's oldest son, Kirk, and his wife, Trudy, started farming in 1977. In 1988, Gary, Kent and Shirley's youngest son, joined the farming operation and his wife, Jocelyn, and family arrived in 1994. Kirk and Trudy's son, Geoff, and his family currently reside nearby and are operating a small farm as well.

Currently, six quarters remain the core of the family farm. The mixed farming operation is now around 1,420 acres total, between rented land and owned land, and includes grain crops, forages and a cow-calf beef herd.

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Our Place in Time
Our Farm Mandala
Our Rich Heritage
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